Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in eastern religions, mainly in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandalas mostly show the universe and its geometrical balance or harmony. Images are being created from colored sand, rice flour or other loose material. Their production requires great care and patience. Mandala is usually created on the occasion of some festival or ceremony and its form is governed by the spirit and meaning of the occasion. The creators express themselves with geometrical images and symbols understandable to the insiders and show their vision of the world, forces of nature, the cycle of life, astrological signs, deities and their innermost religion. At the end ceremony or rite, for which it was created, mandala is publicly swept and thrown into the river or sprayed into the wind.

The INDALA App visualizes public photos in the shape of a mandala. The INDALA is filled with digital content taken from Instagram (certain hashtag) and the created image is swept back into the „digital river” (the internet) as a timeless-spaceless imprint, a unique digital trace of a conscious or unconscious co-creative process.